Connect To New Sources of Capital

The ImpactUs Marketplace lowers the barriers associated with raising private capital while reducing costs, unlocking catalytic funds that can empower your organization to fully realize its mission and vision.

More connections, fewer cold calls and conferences – The Marketplace creates a path for impact investors to find you, and enables your organization to better target and segment your markets.

  • Readily share your mission, vision, accomplishments and products with purpose-driven investors and their advisors
  • Quickly update your profile as you garner new successes or bring new products to market
  • Utilize ImpactUs-sponsored tools to help you articulate your unique story in a way that appeals to impact investors
  • Receive qualified leads generated through the platform

Purpose, not paperwork – The Marketplace delivers best-in-class fund administration services and interactive technology, leaving your team free to focus on furthering your mission and strengthening investor relationships.

Administrative Services

  • Investor support
  • Sales and relationship reporting at the organizational, product- and client-level
  • Alerts and reminders sent to you to ensure the client relationship stays front and center
  • Calculating and distributing payments
  • Preparation and distribution of tax statements
  • AML/Know your customer checks and accredited investor verification
  • Secure customer data storage

Advanced Technology - From one dashboard you can:

  • Monitor all your client accounts
  • View/track your product offerings
  • Approve payments

Lifting all boats

  • High-profile awareness-building campaigns sponsored by ImpactUs and spotlighting specific impact areas and geographic locations benefit all our mission-driven organizations
  • ImpactUs’ educational outreach to foundations, family offices and financial advisors, and strategic partnerships with high-profile thought leaders will help scale the impact investing message and attract more investors to the market
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