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Technology Meets Impact: New Online Marketplace Aims to Expand the Reach of Impact Investing


James Militzer: Briefly describe what ImpactUs will do, how it’s unique and when it will launch.

Stanley 2Reginald Stanley (left): ImpactUs connects investors with impact investment opportunities. We provide an online platform, ImpactUs Marketplace, that allows investors to identify and invest in products that provide affordable homes, help small businesses, provide access to quality health care, improve the environment and impact specific places, or the whole world. The marketplace is unique because it is a full-service platform to make and manage private impact investments. We can offer a variety of products, debt and equity, community impact in the U.S. or globally, long- and short-term investments for investors that want to work independently or with a financial professional. With professional administration for all investments made through the platform we provide a streamlined and comprehensive investor experience for anyone trying to align their capital with their values.

If you are a small investor or a large money manager, ImpactUs Marketplace is a place where you can study, source and make investments according to whatever criteria you want to use. You can invest by geography, cause, financial product, returns strategy, and more.

We’re launching our platform in stages. Initially, we’re open to accredited investors by invitation only and then we’ll roll out the retail version of the platform in 2017. We are committed to offering a variety of investment opportunities in mission-driven institutions who have track records of creating significant impacts and are able to help us build stronger, more sustainable communities.

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