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ImpactUs Aims to Connect Do-Gooder Dollars with Social Entrepreneurs


Everywhere you look, the impact investing drum keeps beating — in many cases, stronger than ever. Once a fringe movement and interest for the “hippies” and “activists” in finance, now impact investing has led to significant institutional change. Firms managing trillions of dollars like BlackRock and Goldman Sachs now offer products for investments aimed at double and triple bottom lines. At this point, a bona fide — but still evolving — set of tools exists for dispersing private capital for financial and social or environmental returns. One of the most recent tools is the ImpactUs Marketplace, scheduled to launch in mid-November.

Currently set on an invite- and registrant-only platform, ImpactUs promises to be a streamlined and efficient means for accredited, high net-worth foundations, investors, and advisers to deploy capital. And while the platform is new, currently in soft-launch, and developing, the minds behind it certainly are not. Liz Sessler, who began working on the platform in April of 2014 as the director of innovation at Enterprise Community Partners, has been in the impact investing space since 2006. Similarly, ImpactUs President and CEO Reginald Stanley has been in the space since 2000, when he took a position with Calvert Investments.

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