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Impact Investing in the Age of Fintech and Big Data


The term “impact investing” as it relates to private debt and equity is nearly 10 years old, it has been a rarified concept for rank-and-file investors and even many institutions and advisors. Even those committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (“ESG” or sometimes “SRI”) factors into their portfolios have been finding it easier among publicly traded offerings, yet nearly unmanageable when seeking unique thematic, place-based private alternatives. The new impact investing brokerage platform, ImpactUs Marketplace, seeks to make impact investing more accessible by navigating the cutting edge of parallel trends and movements.

There are larger movements at play right now that have many investors, both new and experienced, seeking purpose-driven investments to help create a social or environmental benefit along with a financial return. Investors are looking at environmental solutions, sustainable agriculture, microfinance, healthcare, affordable housing, and specific domestic and international communities as places where their money can make a difference. This is partly motivated by growing populist interests, emerging business solutions, and increasing numbers of young people among the ranks of the investor class who can find and make such investments due to the growing trends in financial technology and social networks to find and make such investments at scale.

The emerging network of investors building community around and through the ImpactUs Marketplace is greatly empowered by these trends. It’s our mission to use financial technology to bring more people into the impact investing world. We do so by capitalizing on concurrent and related movements that indicate increasing demand and transformative influence over our financial systems.

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