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Connecting CDFIs to Impact Investors


CDFIs looking to connect with impact investors will have a powerful new platform this year. A conversation that began between 12 CDFIs about how to access mainstream financial markets has evolved into a full-scale platform that aims to create a marketplace where investors can browse by impact area or geography and connect with a CDFI, or CDFI-funded project. ImpactUs promises to simplify and increase the efficiency of the impact investment process.

CDFI Connected interviewed ImpactUs’ Liz Sessler, client advocate, to learn more about what CDFIs can do now and what they can expect from the platform when it launches in this summer.

What is at the heart of this marketplace and why is the timing so important?

The ImpactUs Marketplace has been a long time in the making and has the potential to transform the CDFI industry. There is a common narrative that investors are only profit-driven, but my experience is that people are looking for both financial and community-based returns—and are willing to make compromises in pursuit of those returns—if the impact story resonates with them. We know CDFIs are great at creating real impact in their communities; the Marketplace lets them get those stories out there in front of more potential investors. The stories are the game changers for impact investors when they see what their dollars can do.

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