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New Impact Investing Marketplace Links Social Enterprises And Investors

April 23, 2017

Impact investors often complain they can’t find enough viable social enterprises to invest in. And entrepreneurs bemoan a lack of available funding.

Impact Investing Gets Its Own Matchmaking Marketplace

April 21, 2017

ImpactUs, a platform that matches investors with impact investment opportunities, has launched and is spotlighting four organizations ranging in scope from agriculture to affordable housing.

ImpactUs Welcomes First Issuers to its Impact Investing Marketplace

April 19, 2017

Financial technology provider ImpactUs today announced the onboarding of the first issuers to its impact investing platform, ImpactUs Marketplace. The Marketplace is a community-driven full-service platform offering institutions, individuals and financial advisors an extensive range of private impact investing opportunities.

The Change We All Seek

January 30, 2017

If this past year has shown us anything, it’s that the world is seeking change–and is looking for it in places they’ve never looked before. Although the current political, economic, and social climate brings with it tremendous uncertainty, it also presents an incredible opportunity for the impact investing community as people actively seek to alter the status quo.

Bridges to the New Philanthropy

January 11, 2017

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are a product of the Civil Rights Movement, and many have been serving communities across the United States for over 30 years. Internationally, they are recognized as a robust network of organizations helping capital flow to communities in need. However, despite their missions being more relevant today than ever, CDFIs seem to be virtually unknown to new philanthropists and impact investors. ImpactUs Marketplace is an innovative platform that can help CDFIs better position their organizations to attract this capital and a broader pool of impact investors.


January 03, 2017

With the growing popularity of responsible investment, financial institutions have rushed to meet the demand from a widening swath of investors across the economic spectrum. It’s now easier than ever to find mutual funds dedicated to investing in public companies that do right by the environment and their employees. But the image of the “impact” investor, someone who makes private investments to “generate social or environmental impact alongside a financial return,” remains one of the super-rich—the millennial heir, for example, nudging her family office to commit to renewable energy in Africa.

2016's Top Equity Victories in Finance

December 29, 2016

Looking for hope from 2016 may seem like a fool’s errand, but consider the following.

Millenials but ESG on par with returns

December 13, 2016

Sustainable investing has become a more mainstream issue for many investors, particularly millennials, in the wake of the landmark agreement at the UN Climate Change conference COP21 in Paris last year, solidified at COP22 in Marrakech last month.

Technology Meets Impact: New Online Marketplace Aims to Expand the Reach of Impact Investing

December 06, 2016

James Militzer: Briefly describe what ImpactUs will do, how it’s unique and when it will launch.

Impact Investing in the Age of Fintech and Big Data

December 01, 2016

The term “impact investing” as it relates to private debt and equity is nearly 10 years old, it has been a rarified concept for rank-and-file investors and even many institutions and advisors. Even those committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (“ESG” or sometimes “SRI”) factors into their portfolios have been finding it easier among publicly traded offerings, yet nearly unmanageable when seeking unique thematic, place-based private alternatives. The new impact investing brokerage platform, ImpactUs Marketplace, seeks to make impact investing more accessible by navigating the cutting edge of parallel trends and movements.

4 New Investment Platforms that Will Help You Divest from Wall Street

October 10, 2016

It’s easy to invest in Wall Street. But why wouldn’t it be? Corporations have spent billions of dollars and a century of lobbying to make it easier to invest in companies halfway around the world than in your own backyard. Because of this, the marketplace for alternative investments often appears to be undeveloped and risky.

ImpactUs Aims to Connect Do-Gooder Dollars with Social Entrepreneurs

October 10, 2016

Everywhere you look, the impact investing drum keeps beating — in many cases, stronger than ever. Once a fringe movement and interest for the “hippies” and “activists” in finance, now impact investing has led to significant institutional change. Firms managing trillions of dollars like BlackRock and Goldman Sachs now offer products for investments aimed at double and triple bottom lines. At this point, a bona fide — but still evolving — set of tools exists for dispersing private capital for financial and social or environmental returns. One of the most recent tools is the ImpactUs Marketplace, scheduled to launch in mid-November.

Impact Investing Platforms Create New Equity Streams for Affordable Housing

June 03, 2016

By 2025, affordability restrictions are expected to expire on an estimated 25 million units of affordable housing subsidized by the U.S. government. Another 3 million units of so-called naturally occurring affordable housing—units not subsidized but with a natural price point that is affordable compared with market-rate units—will also be lost during the next ten to 15 years.

Connecting CDFIs to Impact Investors

May 09, 2016

CDFIs looking to connect with impact investors will have a powerful new platform this year. A conversation that began between 12 CDFIs about how to access mainstream financial markets has evolved into a full-scale platform that aims to create a marketplace where investors can browse by impact area or geography and connect with a CDFI, or CDFI-funded project. ImpactUs promises to simplify and increase the efficiency of the impact investment process.